Go Noodle in Room 10

The pupils were taking an active break in Room 10.

They used Go Noodle online and followed the dances.

Well done!

Learning about Water Safety in Room 10

All of the pupils in St. Louis learn about water safety and in Room 10 they were doing their Land PAWS lessons.

Everyone got a great water safety magazine to read too.

Well done everyone!

Room 15 – High jump

The boys and girls in Room 15 were learning and practicing their high jump skills.

They worked very hard and are able to jump very high.

Well done everyone!

Santa Dash 2018

All of the boys and girls in St. Louis got active on the day of the Christmas holidays by taking part in a Santa dash.

They wore festive clothing and danced and ran in the yard.

We are a super active school.

It was great fun!


Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership invited St. Louis SPS to go #GAGA on December 5th


What is it?


As you may be aware, participation rates for girls in sport are much lower than boys. The aim is to promote and engage more girls in physical activity. We tried to kick start this by delivering a campaign called GAGA- Get All Girls Active!

All of the girls took to the yard to take part in different activities with Mr. Whelan.

It was so great so lets continue to go GAGA girls!!!

Sam Maguire visits St. Louis

Huge thanks to Paul and Kevins G.A.A who brought in the Sam Maguire Cup for a flying visit to St. Louis on Wednesday 21st November. The second class hurling team as well as the school football team got a chance to hear about the history of the cup, see it and even got to hold it. The cup weighs a massive 12.7kg and is made of silver. Here’s hoping that one of the children who held it today will get a chance to bring this cup or one like it back to us in the future as a winning player!!

Take On The Teachers 2018

There was so much excitement in the school for the annual Take On The Teacher Challenge. On this day the pupils and teachers go head to head in lots of different active challenges.

We competed in basketball, soccer, strength tests, skipping, accuracy throwing tasks, hoola hooping, bowling, sprints and dodgeball.

We kept a tally of all of the points scored.

It was a super day! Well done everyone!

Learning new games in Room 15

As part of our history class we were learning about games from the past. Charlotte learned about a game ‘sticks’ and taught the other boys and girls in Room 15 how to play.

It is such a great game and so simple to play.


School hurling

We have completed four weeks out of six in St. Louis SPS now and the Hurling Club children have made lots of progress and more importantly, have had lots of fun along the way!


We are all looking forward to our big match on Thursday 25th October at 13:45pm where we look forward to showing off our skills and hard work to the parents and pupils of St. Louis.


Anyone who has really enjoyed the last few weeks should think about joining Kevin’s GAA in Dolphin’s Barn where they train every Saturday morning at 10:30am. They have hurls and helmets to lend to the children and they are providing fun and entertainment for children of all levels.


Anyone with any questions, please come in and have a chat with Mr. Whelan who would be happy to help!

Intercultural Sports Day

Last Thursday, the 6th classes took part in an Intercultural Sports Day. We got to play different sports such as dodgeball, penalties, bean bag toss races, and mini games of tennis and soccer. We were also given some treats to eat and had a medal ceremony for the winners! Thank you to An Garda Síochána for organising such a fantastic day!