Room 4 – Christmas village

Check out Room 4’s Christmas Village! We were busy this month with construction and clay. Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas from Room 15

The boys and girls are getting ready for Christmas by making Christmas stockings. They used their sewing skills and design skills.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Learning about Jackson Pollock

In Room 15, our Artist of the Month for November is Jackson Pollock.

This artist is known for his expressionism painting and we took inspiration from his work.

They look great!

Dancing Skeletons in Room 11

Room 11 showing off their favourite dance moves on their dancing skeletons. We even had the worm! 

Picasso witches in Room 15

The Artist of the Month for October in Room 15 is Pablo Picasso. We were learning all about him and his paintings.

We then created witches and took inspiration from Picasso’s cubism era.

They look great!

Preparing for Hallowe’en in Room 15

Room 15 were busy making black cats during an art lesson. Each one looks different and they all look great.