Learning about Water Safety in Room 10

All of the pupils in St. Louis learn about water safety and in Room 10 they were doing their Land PAWS lessons.

Everyone got a great water safety magazine to read too.

Well done everyone!

Maths Fair fun in Room 10

Room 10 had a great time at the Maths Fair this morning. Thanks to Room 5 for organising some fantastic maths activities!

3rd class school tour

3rd class had a brilliant school tour to Funtasia this year.

It was a great day!

Coding in Room 10 – Technology

The pupils learned all about coding from employees of Microsoft. It was very interesting to learn how to write code and instruct the computer to do different tasks.

There was a whole school participation in this coding lesson over two days. Each of the 17 classes were scheduled for a period of 40 minutes on April 23rd and April 24th.

Santry Trails 2018

All of the boys and girls got an opportunity to compete in races in Kenilworth Park.

It was a super day.

Construction in Room 10 – Forces and Energy

The boys and girls used spaghetti and marshmallows to create structures.

They were being great engineers.

Paired reading – Room 10 & Room 12

The boys and girls in Room 12 were paired together to read with pupils from Room 10. They helped with reading and understanding new words.

Maths fun in Room 10

We love maths Fridays in room 10! We had lots of fun problem solving and teaching each other new games! Have a look! 

Room 10 – Lava lamps – Materials

Room 10 were very busy making lava lamps. They investigated how oil and water mix and then they added sugar to test if the oil and water would mix.

They look really great.