Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 11

Room 11 were learning about the amazing celebration of Chinese New Year. We learned about how they celebrate the occasion which includes a Dragon dance where people dress up in masks and costumes and do really cool dances. To celebrate, we made our own Dragon dance masks!

We hope you like them!

Movement in Room 11

Room 11 were practicing dance in PE. We looked at the different ways that we could travel and the different levels we could make new moves at.

It was great!

Learning about gender stereotyping

Room 11 were learning about gender stereotyping, and RTE News2Day came into our class to find out what we thought! Gender stereotyping is when some people think that certain characteristics or jobs belong only to boys or girls. We loved learning about how the filming, editing and producing happens.

Have a watch to see what we think!

https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/news2day-30001385/10967278/ (PS, We start at 05.05!)


Room 11 – learning about food in the past

Room 11 have been learning about food from long ago and how they produced it all. We learned how to make butter! We discovered what buttermilk was and how it could be used. It was yum!

Room 11 – fun at the science fair

To celebrate science week Room 11 had a great time enjoying all the wonderful science experiments in room 14.

We got to learn how to make slime, playdough, periscopes and a mini volcano!

Thanks to room 14!

Halloween fun in Room 11&12

As we have been learning about different Halloween traditions Room 12 and Room 11 took part in an apple bobbing competition on Friday. 
They also made some delicious Halloween treats!

Future hurling stars in 2nd class!

After training for weeks with Mr. Whelan, the hurlers from 2nd class invited their parents into school to see a match.

Well done to everyone!

Dancing Skeletons in Room 11

Room 11 showing off their favourite dance moves on their dancing skeletons. We even had the worm! 

Peer tutoring – dance

As part of out Active Week preparations we are learning different dances.

Room 11 (2nd class) went to Room 15 (5th class) and asked for some help with learning some moves.

It was great fun teaching and learning from each other. Everybody is looking forward to doing it again!