Maths competition in 2nd class

Maths competition between Room 8 and Room 12. It was a close match but Room 12 won by one point. Well done!

Room 12 – Maths with 6th class

The boys and girls in Room 5 were making new maths games and went to the second classes to play the games with them.

Everybody had great fun learning maths through new games and activities.

A visit from a vet

Mark is a vet and today he visited 2nd class. We learned all about his work and he showed us pictures of some of the animals that he has helped. It was very interesting and we enjoyed asking him questions.

Buddy Christmas art with Room 8 and Room 15

Room 8 (2nd class) and Room 15 (5th class) got together to do some art together.

Room 15 were learning about procedural writing and write instructions about how to make a cool Christmas decorations. Then Room 8 were invited to their room to complete the procedure with their new friends from 5th class.

We learned lots about each other and hope to do something together sometime soon.

Room 8 – Dress up fun

We had great fun in Room 8 dressing up for Halloween!

Halloween art from Room 8

Check out our haunted houses! We made these for Halloween. Spoooooky!
We also used pointillism to create these bat pictures!


Room 8 – Nature walk – Living things

On Thursday Room 8 went on a nature walk. We went to Harold’s Cross Park and we were on a mission. We were on an Autumn Hunt! We searched for leaves changing colour, conkers, berries and lots lots more. It was great fun! We even had time for a quick play in the playground!