Room 16 – In The Computer Room

We were very busy this week typing up and designing our own timelines for our history class. We used Microsoft Word to type up our timelines and then we personalised them by inserting different shapes and pictures from clipart!

We were very pleased with our results!

Room 14’s artwork

Have a look at our stained glass windows and our paradise paintings in response to our exciting classroom novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Room 14’s cartography skills

As part of our projects on the History of Rathmines we’ve been mapping out some of the buildings we’re studying.

We used Google Earth to help us with these Aerial Plans and Front Elevations of the church in Rathmines and St. Louis Schools.

😉 Watch this space for a sample of our projects! They’re going to be great!!!

Room 14 – Origami

‘Origami’ is the Japanese art of paper-folding. “Ori” is the Japanese word for folding and “kami” is the Japanese word for paper. That is how origami got its name.

We had great fun in room 14 folding paper to make a whale, a piano and a box!! It’s more difficult than it looks though!!

Room 9’s Colourful Cow Parade

Did you know that sculptures of cows are decorated and displayed around different cities in the world?

The boys and girls in Room 9 studied different Cow Parades from around the world.

Look at the amazing colourful cows that Room 9 created!


Room 16 – Crazy Hair!

Room 16 were busy drawing this month. We drew ‘Crazy Hair’ pictures and used lots of wonderful, bright colours to enhance our drawings!

Room 3 Celebrating the Dubs!

Room 3 worked very hard on writing their reports on the All Ireland Football Final. They also did some wonderful art work. Well done.

Here are some extracts from their reports which capture the tension and excitement of the match:

 “The Dublin fans’ faces changes from grins to frowns as they thought they were going to lose again.”

“Dublin suddenly came back to life…..”

“……from nowhere Kevin Mc Manamon sent the ball rocketing into the goal!”

“I was hanging off the edge of my seat!”

“The moment the Dublin fans had been waiting for had arrived!”