Room 16 – Crazy Hair!

Room 16 were busy drawing this month. We drew ‘Crazy Hair’ pictures and used lots of wonderful, bright colours to enhance our drawings!

10 thoughts on “Room 16 – Crazy Hair!

  1. the crazy hair looks deadly
    well done rm 14
    and I agree with everyone who said that their
    hair looks like that in the morning
    specially mine!

  2. well first of all I agree with Mr. Mooney, Raemur and Jennila. They are all right. My hair is nearly identical to some of them in the morning!!!very very very very very very very very very very very veyr VERY well done 5th class room 16 !!! Ms. Lowery tought you how to do that well!

  3. Your cazy hairs look so cool. You are a very talented class.
    SO COOL.
    I also agree with Raemer I have crazy like that in the morning.
    I think everyone does.

  4. Well done Room 16 on the ‘Crazy Hair’ pictures! They look amazing! Great imaginations…

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