Room 9’s Colourful Cow Parade

Did you know that sculptures of cows are decorated and displayed around different cities in the world?

The boys and girls in Room 9 studied different Cow Parades from around the world.

Look at the amazing colourful cows that Room 9 created!


9 thoughts on “Room 9’s Colourful Cow Parade

  1. I really enjoyed doing them. I drew a cow with shamrocks on it and I named it THE REAL IRISH COW .Thanks so much for doing them Ms Biesty.

  2. greatest cows ever !!!! rainbow cows .I’d love to have one of them as a pet but I dont think thats possible unfortunaly………………..

  3. Your cows are the best. I would love to have cows like that.
    It must be the coolest cows I have ever seen.
    fantactist work. 😀

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