Room 14; Tree Day Activities

As part of our National Tree Day Activities we visited St Stephen’s Green and had lots of fun tree hugging and making our own Room 14 tree! 🙂 In sixth class we’re studying the ash tree and will be looking at some in more detail at the final stop of our History trail in Belgrave park. When we came back to school we had time for a few minutes play in the Millennium playground.



Room 14; Audience with Colin Bateman :)

To celebrate ‘All-Ireland Poetry Day’ Rm 14 were lucky enough to attend an audience with Crime writer Colin Bateman. Colin Bateman writes novels for adults and children alike and has even written screenplays for a number of television series and films!! He read from two of his books and allowed us to interview him afterwards. He gave us some great tips for writing our own stories 😀


2nd class Tree Day activities

All of the second classes were very busy for Tree Day. They planted pansies with Brian in the Millennium playground.

They also went for a nature walk. They also learned about The Horse Chestnut tree. Did you know the height of a Horse Chestnut tree is approximatly 30 metres!!

Room 11’s 2-D shapes

Look at the lovely 2-D pictures that Room 11 made using different shapes.

Room 3’s Tree Day activities

Room 3 learned about some of Ireland’s Deciduous trees.

Then they painted autumn woodland scenes.