Halloween Sponsoner Walk and Treasure Hunt

The Parents Association in the school organised a fantastic sponsored walk and treasure hunt around the Rathmines area.

Everybody was in great spirits and some boys and girls (and adults) even dressed up in their best costume for the day!!


9 thoughts on “Halloween Sponsoner Walk and Treasure Hunt

  1. I really enjoyed doing the sponsored walk and the tresure hunt.I was delighted to win first prize.Thanks to the parents association for organising it.

  2. That looked like a fantastic day, I wish I was able to come but I was caught up. The costumes look so good and some of them really scary, you must have spent a long time getting ready! I can’t believe it rained on you! But still, it looked like a brilliant day!

  3. That was fun but then it started to rain on us,:( But we had great fun thank you 🙂

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