Rm 14; Rathmines History trail

To conclude our sixth class projects on the History of Rathmines Room 14 went on a History trail around Rathmines. We observed the signs of History in our locality and we learned lots of interesting information about the church, the library, the town hall, St. Mary’s College, Belgrave Park, the Bleeding Horse Pub, the Grand Canal, the old Kodak building, the Post Office and even the houses along William’s Park. We were lucky enough to be given some time to have a snack in the peaceful Sacred Space room in Rathmines church. We tracked the route of the Swan River; which now flows underground, examined shopfronts along the Rathmines road and finished our trail in Belgrave park after passing James Joyce’s childhood home on Castlewood Avenue.


18 thoughts on “Rm 14; Rathmines History trail

  1. Just so everyone knows that a dog is a better footballer than all of the boys in the class together. It was so funny, some dog just came over and took the ball and wouldn’t give it back…. FUNNY FUNNY times!!!

  2. I remember that day it was great and it was sooooooo cold outside the church. Who agrees? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. That was really fun. I never knew about the chain bollards in Rathmines that used to surround a pond. All the projjects looked so cool when we were all done. Thanks to Mr. Mooney and Marie.

  4. Everyone, we have finished our projects! YAY! The History Trail really added some OHFFFFFF to our projects. Once again, after about three million times thank you Mr Mooney! You much be tired of hearing that! Everyone should look up the history of Rathmines because it really is amazing!

  5. Thank you so much mr Mooney . There was more things in Rathmines then I knew. I hope we do more on this

  6. Thanks Ms Neill! We really did work hard on them! It’s great because now we know so much more about Rathmines! I really can’t believe that much happened to the one village!

  7. I know how hard you have all worked on your projects and fact finding about Rathmines. All of your hard work has paid off. Your projects look fantastic!

    The history trail looks like you all had fun and learned lots of facts. Good work room 14 and Mr. Mooney.

  8. Thank you Mr Mooney and that you arranged the history trail. We discoverd the history of Rathmines. Thanks that was the best day ever.

  9. I cant believe the swan river flows right under our feet.
    My head is full of info on Rathmines.

  10. That was really the best day EVER!!!! I really never knew the amount of green, copper domes were in Rathmines. I found the infomation about the library and the houses beside our school really amazing. Those houses where built in 1820!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! They still look as good as new! I know everyone is saying this, but really thank you Mr Mooney! It really changed our minds on Rathmines and you must have spent weeks getting all that infomation and making the workpack. Thanks again Mr Mooney, you’re a FANTASTIC teacher! Thanks everyone for thanking my Mom. She said thanks to you all and of course Mr Mooney for letting her come. She really loved it. Really, that day was amazing!

  11. I found that the clock tower is sometimes called the 4 faced liar because all 4 sides have different times on them! Thank you Mr.Mooney and Delphi’s mom for bringing us we had great fun.:)

  12. I really liked going to the trip and I enjoyed it.I didin’t realise that Carnegie found the Rathmines library. Thank you Mr.Mooney and Delphi’s mom.I now know about Rathmines History.

  13. What a great day!!! What I found interesting was that Andrew Carnegie of all people funded the Rathmines libary and that the church design came from Rome. thank you Romans!! Thank you Mr.Mooney and Marie Delphi’s mom. My brain is now full of very useful information!;-))

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