St. Louis Advent Service

All of the pupils and teachers celebrated the start of Advent with a service in the school hall.

Fr. Sheehy led us in some lovely prayers. We saw a drama about advent and sang some wonderful songs.

Room 6 – science week activity

Room 6 pupils were busy during science week this year.

They made aggs float on water by simply adding salt!!

Room 6’s Gooey activity!

Things got very gooey in Room 6 during science week!

Room 6 – amazing fractions!

Room 6 learned all about fractions.

They were hard at work cutting Kit-Kats into fractions!

Room 2 – Child Hero of the Year Award!!

Room 2 were delighted when their friend Claudia won ‘Child Hero of the Year’ award.

Watch out for the award ceremony on December 5th on TV3.

Well Done Claudia.

Room 11’s Dancing raisins

During science week Room 11 discussed different gases and did an experiment using raisins and a fizzy drink.

The raisins began to dance in the glass!

2nd class science week activities

Second classes have been very busy for science week.

They went to the museum for a science workshop on bubbles.

It was very interesting and great fun.

Friendship Fortnight

5th classes attended an anti bullying drama and workshop in the hall.  5th classes learned a lot about cyber bullying and had the chance to play some fun drama games also!


Science Week fun!

Room 15 were very busy during Science Week! We had great fun finding out what kitchen items were acids or bases. We also really enjoyed discovering how water travels through a plant.


4th class field trip

All of the children in 4th class are enjoying sciece week.

They went on a field trip to Belgrave Square with ‘Mouse’. They discovered how seeds are dispersed and how to find out wht age trees are.

They had a fun day out!