Room 2 – Child Hero of the Year Award!!

Room 2 were delighted when their friend Claudia won ‘Child Hero of the Year’ award.

Watch out for the award ceremony on December 5th on TV3.

Well Done Claudia.

9 thoughts on “Room 2 – Child Hero of the Year Award!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS CLAUDIA! Out of millions of children in Ireland you were the bravest! You really do deserve it.:-) You are a really kind hearted little girl. It must have been great to be nominated but to win WOW! You should be super proud of yourself. Every person in St.Louis is super duper proud of you. Great job:-)

  2. wow Claudia you deserved it. You are a hero.Congratulations. You’re a very brave little girl (hope you enjoy being famous) xxx Megan xx

  3. Wow Claudia! That’s amazing! You should be very, very, very, very proud of yourself! I know for sure that everyone here in St Louis are so proud of you! Congratulations! You are a very brave little girl! I’ll be there watching you on television for sure. Well done!

  4. WELL DONE CLAUDIA!!!You really deserved it, we’ll be watching you on tv next week!You are so brave.:D

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