WOW! Room 9 created Lava Lamps!

As part of science week Room 9 made their very own lava lamps by working scientifically.

Room 9 – planting daffodils

Room 9 and Room 2 worked together to plant daffodils in the school yard.


Maths Week in Room 9

During maths week the children in Room 9 worked together to solve maths puzzles.

They explored the school environment to find examples of different types of lines and angles.

They discovered that maths is FUN!!

Room 2 – Friendship fortnight 2011 activities

Friendship Fortnight is taking place in St. Louis.

Here are acrostic poems that Room 2 wrote. All of the pupils are delighted with their poems.

Room 3 – Science Week activities

Room 3 have been busy during Science week.

They experianced some ‘Colourful Chemistry’ and also made some interesting discoveries about the strength of a piece of paper!

2nd class zoo visit

All of the second classes had a visit from Jim from Dublin zoo. He told us all about zoo animals.

We touched an elephant’s foot, a turtle and a leopards skin.

We also saw a dvd on the zoo.

We had so much fun.

Room 4 – Aesop’s Fables

Room 4 have been learning all about Aesop’s Fables.

They were busy painting their favourite fable.

Some loves ‘The Astronomer’, others loved ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’.

Room 2’s shapes

Room 2 made Mr. and Mrs. Shape using 2-D shapes.

They had lots of fun learning about pentagons, hexagons and other 2-D shapes.

Room 3’s Maths Week activities

Room 3 enjoyed Maths Week. They did a maths trail in the playgrounds.

You can also see how the integrated their maths and art. They used their knowledge of parallel lines in their Halloween Art.

Look at the wonderful designs they created with a rhombus.

The Big Sing – October 2011!

Just before we all went for our Halloween break, ALL OF THE PUPILS AND TEACHERS got together in the school hall for a big sing song!!

We were treated to some lovely songs from the school choir before we sang our hearts out.

We will all know all of the lyrics to Katy Perry’s Fireworks forever now!!

Well done everybody – you all sounded great and I hope you enjoyed the day. I can’t wait for the next big sing!!