4th class – Individual mixed media pictures

My picture is a colourful butterfly and a little cloud. I used pompoms, pipecleaners and googly eyes and I made a butterfly. I named my butterfly Lilly.

by Rahma, Room 9


My little creature is half bird and half alien. It has three eyes, feathers and it’s colourful. I used my imagination to make it look fummy and colourful. I hope that you like my picture.

by Agata, Room 9

This is my colourful fish. I made it colourful because I have never seen a fish like that before. What do you think? I hope you like it.

by Alexandra, Room 9

My flower is called Poppy. She’s decorated with all different types of materials. I wanted to put all different coloured petals on my flower so it would look different.

by Nora, Room 9

My mixed media art is called ‘Have Fun’. It’s someone swinging on the monkey bars. The girl who is swinging is called Rachel.

by Lissie, Room 9

Second Class – games in the past

Second classes have been learning about games from long ago in history.

They interviewed their parents/grandparents to see what games were popular long ago.

They also played some of the games in P.E class.

Here they are playing London Bridge, Queen-E-I-O and Red Lights!!

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis


Catholic Schools Week 2012 begins on Sunday 29th of  January.

Over the past three years parishes throughout the country have responded greatly to the invitation to take time during this week to celebrate the contribution  made by Catholic Schools to their communities.

In St. Louis SPS we are going to celebrate Catholic Schools Week from Monday 30th of January.


Second Class computer fun!

Second classes have been busy in the computer room practicing their tables.

www.fun4thebrain.com was the website they were using and they loved it!

Room 14; Christmas Dioramas :)

In preparaton for Christmas; Sixth class in Room 14 constructed 3D Christmas scenes (dioramas) using shoe boxes, cereal boxes, card, crepe paper, papier maché and other available materials. We had lots of fun deciding on our scenes, painting the background and learning how to create the 3D effect by constructing the middle and foreground.

We all hope you had a lovely Christmas; everyone in Room 14 would like to wish the students, staff, family and friends of St. Louis a very happy new year in 2012!