SAM MAGUIRE visits St. Louis

The whole school were very excited about the visit of the Sam Maguire cup to the school.

Mr. Bermingham (the biggest Dubs fan of all!) told us about the cup and then every class had a chance to take a photograph with the famous cup. Ms. Shanahan led us in some lovely songs and we all sang and had a chance to show off the Dublin flags and artwork that we made.

We hope Dublin win the All Ireland Championship again so the cup can make another visit to our school!



Art by Room 15

The boys and girls in 5th class completed a history project on Native Americans. They had the chance to create Native American scenes and also Native American tipis in connection with this project. In other art classes pupils had fun with fabric and also considered some of their favourite things!


Room 2 – P.E fun!

Room 2 had lots of fun learning basketball skills with Richard.

They are looking forward to next week already!

Love is in the air!!

Room 9 made these colourful decorations for Valentine’s Day.

Quake and Shake Workshop

On the 1st of February Room 3 and Room 9 went to the National History Museum for a workshop on earthquakes


WOW! We created our very own earthquake.

After the workshop we had fun playing in the park.




Second class science!

Second classes carried out science experiments on magnets.

Lots of fun was had predicting then discovering that magnets would attract a paper clip through paper and wood.

We also found out things in the classroom that were magnetic.

Second class – balancing weights

Second classes had great fun weighing objects with the balance.

Some groups found that it took 5 blocks to balance the weight of their pencil, and 25 blocks to balance a recorder.

Lots of fun was had learning maths.

2nd class – transport survey

Second class learned all about surveys. They even carried out a traffic survey on Leinster road.

Lots of cars and taxis and buses passed but no tractors or buses.

2nd class recorder lessons

All of the second classes will be learning recorder from Mrs. Ryan.

Room 2 have started and really enjoyed their first lesson.