RTÉ make a visit to Sixth class in Room 14

We had a really exciting day in 6th class, Room 14 on Wednesday just past March 28th…RTÉ came to film Mr. Mooney and the class as they learned about “buying Irish”. We discovered the importance of really examining labels on food to find out where they come from. We were surprised to find out that many products which we thought were Irish were actually from different countries. We were also amazed to discover that if each Irish household was to spend just €4 more on Irish goods 6,000 jobs would be created!!

Watch out for us on “The Consumer Show” on RTÉ One from April 10th at 8.30pm. we will feature in the episode on April 17th 🙂 Exciting times!!!

65 thoughts on “RTÉ make a visit to Sixth class in Room 14

  1. omg :’) can’ believe it’s almost been 1 year and the next 6th class will be making their confirmation soon.I remember it like it was just yesterday! I wish I could travel back in time. Good luck with all your confirmations and preparations for secondary school because remember they don’t last forever soon it will be the real thing and you’ll have great fun! don’t worry about it. 🙂

  2. You did a brilliant job on tv and you really persuaded people fo buy irish products. A big well done to all of you.

  3. Did you know that Godfellas pizza is Irish?!!!!
    I really thought it was English!
    Surprise, surprise!

  4. Well done all of you. The show was really informative and I really hope that more people buy Irish.


  6. In some of my local shops there arent really any signs that are very clear. I live near a Tesco Express and most of the products don’t specifically have and stickers to say where they are from. Most of it is English or British any way though. I found out that there are at least two types of Donegal catch made in Ireland! But a lot of them are from abroad 🙁

  7. I disagree with you Delphi, it doesn’t really stand out to you. It’s really small. You are right in the way that it tells you exactly what you need to know. In Tesco there was stil two signs. Oh well.

  8. Have you seen the new ‘buy Irish’ sign? What do you think about it? I think it’s very clear and it says what we should do, ‘think Irish’. Do you guys agree. Do you think it’s better to have just one ‘buy Irish’ sign for every Irish product or do you like the signs as they are.

    I know a person who said that they don’t look at the signs but they look at the price. What ever products are on sale they buy. Do you agree or disagree? Are you trying to buy Irish? We’re trying our best.

    Anyway, next week is when me and Bianca are on so the class will probably be on as well!

  9. It was great! Like were going to be on tv in front of the whole country, And to think we could be influencing all of Ireland! because at least 30% of the country will be watching us! And Mr. Mooney made some great points for us, for St. Louis, for Dublin and for Ireland on T.v and even the rest of the world online! Thanks Mr. Mooney, Ms. Mccabe and r.t.e for making it the best day ever and the best thing ever on r.t.e television! 🙂

  10. Hi .
    Delphi how was the rte thing today .
    Hope you had a big smile for the camera.

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