Room 15 – Music

In groups, boys and girls in Room 15 played the scale of C on chime bars and desk bells.

Room 15 – Art

5th class created wonderful Easter baskets from clay which they decorated with paint and crepe paper. The boys and girls in Room 15 also had fun making their own sponge paintings. They look great!

Room 2 – Maths trail

We did a maths trail today. It was very interesting to count all the cars in the front of the school.

Silver is the most popular car in the car park.

We also learned that there are 3 steps up to the door of the school and there are 15 windows on the front of the school.

Maths is lots of fun!

Room 9 – learning about China

Room 9 are learning all about Life in China.


The Great Wall of China

‘In school we are learning about the Great wall of China. I think it is amazing! It is more than 2000 years old! I hope that some day, I can go to China and walk the Great Wall of China’ – Maria – Room 9

Paddy Fields

‘Rice is the main food they eat in China. Fields are flooded before the rice seeds are planted’ – Caitlin – Room 9

Terracotta Warriors

‘The Terracotta Warriors are so interesting. I love the way they are made from terracotta and there are loads of them’ – Philip – Room 9

‘They all look different except their armour looks the same. people are not allowed to touch them in China but they can stay beside the barriers’ – Alan – Room 9

Room 9 – amazing art

Room 9 creates spectaular tie dye petterns using pastels.


‘We did mosaic deisgns in Art. It took a long time but now they look was really fun and enjoyable’ – Nora – Room 9


4th class trip to Harold’s Cross park

All three 4th classes had a very enjoyable field trip to Harold’s Cross Park.

‘Mouse’ – Andrew from the OWLS programme helped the children to explore different types of trees.

Science fun – Room 2

We carried out science experiments to see whether objects floated or sank. We had lots of fun.

The lollipop stick and pencil floated. The coins sank.

Science is lots of fun!!

Junior Achievement – Room 2

Junior Achievement is happening in many classes throughout the school. This is where business volunteers from leading Irish companies teach programmes in their local schools.

Room 2 have Celine from the bank. She is teaching us all about jobs in our communities and why they are important.

We are looking forward to her coming again next week.

Room 2 – learning about France

Room 2 are learning all about France. Sally Ann’s dad, Patrick, was born in France. He came into our class to tell us all about his life growing up in France.

He went to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. On Wednesday there was no school and they played games.

He also brought in some French bread and biscuits. They were yum.

It was lovely to hear all about France.

A BIG Thank You to Patrick.

Room 2 – P.E fun!

Richard was back to do more P.E with us. We had lots of fun with the different stations.

Some of us played with hula hoops, while others practiced their basketball and rugby skills.

We are looking forward to next week already.