Room 9 – learning about China

Room 9 are learning all about Life in China.


The Great Wall of China

‘In school we are learning about the Great wall of China. I think it is amazing! It is more than 2000 years old! I hope that some day, I can go to China and walk the Great Wall of China’ – Maria – Room 9

Paddy Fields

‘Rice is the main food they eat in China. Fields are flooded before the rice seeds are planted’ – Caitlin – Room 9

Terracotta Warriors

‘The Terracotta Warriors are so interesting. I love the way they are made from terracotta and there are loads of them’ – Philip – Room 9

‘They all look different except their armour looks the same. people are not allowed to touch them in China but they can stay beside the barriers’ – Alan – Room 9

Room 9 – amazing art

Room 9 creates spectaular tie dye petterns using pastels.


‘We did mosaic deisgns in Art. It took a long time but now they look was really fun and enjoyable’ – Nora – Room 9


4th class trip to Harold’s Cross park

All three 4th classes had a very enjoyable field trip to Harold’s Cross Park.

‘Mouse’ – Andrew from the OWLS programme helped the children to explore different types of trees.

Science fun – Room 2

We carried out science experiments to see whether objects floated or sank. We had lots of fun.

The lollipop stick and pencil floated. The coins sank.

Science is lots of fun!!