Room 2 – learning about time

Room 2 are delighted to be back after a lovely Easter break.

They are learning all about time. Today they saw how long 1 minute was.

They threw beanbags into the air and skipped for 1 minute.

They are looking forward to learning more information about time during the week.

Room 2 – Easter art

The boys and girls in Room 2 made some lovely Easter arts and crafts.

Their art looks fantastic. Well done!

Big Sing #3!

On the last day of the term all of the classes got together in Halla Cullen for the 3rd Big Sing of the year.

This time, all of the pupils (and teachers) had great fun singing and dancing to the song ‘Reach’ by S Club 7.

Well done to everybody for making it the best BIG SING yet!

Platform Concert 2012

A lot of very talented boys and girls from the senior school performed at the platform concert this year.

Well done to all of the magnificent performers!!There are some superstars in the making from St. Louis!

Santry running trials

All of the boys and girls went to Kenilworth park to run their fastest races.

Everybody had great fun in the lovely sunshine. Well done to Mr. Bermingham for organising all of the races.

Happy Easter from room 3

The boys and girls in Room 3 made these lovely Easter cards.

Wishing everybody in the school at very Happy Easter.

Room 3 – Ancient Egypt

Room 3 recently completed some mini projects on Ancient Egypt.

Well done everybody!