The Chocolate Warehouse!

Last Friday the 5th Classes visited The Chocolate Warehouse.

We learned so much about the History of Chocolate, where it comes from and how it is processed into the chocolate that we buy in stores. It was so interesting!

We also had the chance to watch how Easter eggs are made and the best part was enrobing, decorating and then packaging our own chocolates to bring home!

A Visit To The Canal!

The 5th classes were lucky enough to visit the canal this year with Eanna Ni Lamhna. Eanna told them all about the canal and it’s history. Then they carried out experiments and tested the water in the canal.

Afterwards the pupils wrote up projects using all their new information and knowledge of the canal! It was great fun!

Thank you Eanna!

Room 6 – Badminton

The children in Room 6 showed great skill and teamwork while playing badminton last week!

Room 6 – Junior Achievement

Room 6 are learning all about the city with our junior achievement guest in the classroom.

Room 6 – washing water!

Room 6 made some really dirty water………

…..but made water washers using coffee filters and sand to clean it again!!




Room 6 – using magnets

Room 6 really enjoyed experimenting with magnets!

4th class trip to Belgrave Park

The children in the 3 forth classes enjoyed a sun-filled trip to Belgrave Park.

They examined insect life in the park.

They used a key to identify the different types of insects.