As we come to the end of another wonderful year, you are invited to look back over the blog at all of the wonderful things that went on in St. Louis SPS over the year.

Have a relaxing, fun and safe summer holidays!!!

Room 7 – science experiments

Room 7 learned all about electricity.

They used bulbs and wires to create a full circuit.

More photos of the 4th class trip to the zoo

The 4th classes were lucky to go to the zoo for their school tour this year.

They learned to much about so many different animals.

More photos of sports day 2012

All of the pupils had a great day at Kenilworth Park for sports day this year.

4th class trip to the park

The 4th classes went to the park with ‘Mouse’ as past of the ‘OWLS’ programme.

They learned all about different insects and trees and had a great day.


Room 7 – gift bags

Room 7 made lovely colourful gift bags in their class.

The people who receive the gift bags will be very lucky!

Room 2 – The Butterfly

Room 2 have been very busy learning about the butterfly.

They learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They also made their own colourful butterflies.

They look great. Well done Room 2.

Room 4 – Under the Sea!

Room 4 were very busy making fish and crabs for their very colourful ‘Under the Sea’ project.

They and lots of fun and their art work looks great!



Room 3 – making parachutes!

Room 3 have been busy in science making parachutes.

Here they are trying to find the best one in the class!

4th class trip to Belgrave Square with ‘Mouse’

On Tuesday, the 4th classes had games in Belgrave Square with ‘Mouse’.

We all really enjoyed the OWLS programme.