Baking up a storm with Procedural Writing!

Inour English Writing Class, we leart all about a new genre of writing called Procedural Writing! In the computer room we went on the Writing for Fun website and read about all teh differnt forms of procedural writing! We then typed up our own procedural wriiting which included science experiments, recipes, how to play a game and how to follow instructions! We illustrated our writing with clip art, word art and we had great fun! We could partner up with whoever we liked and Ms. O Hara siad we were going to able in our classroom! Yipppeeeee! We had to reserach our very own recipes, bring in cook books and write a list of all the ingrediants and equipment we needed. Ms. O Hara arranged for teh micrwaves to be brought over to Room 17 and we had the counter and tables all set up with all our ingrediants and recipes! On went the aprons and off we went baking to our hearts content with our favourite music on!! Paul, Filip and Jack made a delicious strawberry cheesecake, Colin and Patrick made yummy chocolate rcie crispie buns as did Alanna and Katie. Sarah and Lauara made a Sarah and Laura special pudding cake! Jasmine, Alex and Camilla made a chocolate cake.
Master chef here we come…watch out!

Decorating our very own Class Christmas Tree!

Ms. O Hara bought a Christmas Tree and decorations and we all got teh opportunity to help ou! We learnt so much about how everyone in our class celebrates different customs and traditions! It was so interesting to find out about other customs and to celebrate different cultures.

Exploring Writing Genres!

In our English class, we explored the variour forms of recount Writing – we discovered there rae three types – personal, factual and imaginative. We had various recount titles and we had to match them with the three different types of recount….not as easy as it seems that’s for sure!!

Luke on Transition Year Work Experience

We had the pleasure of having Luke in our classroom for a whole week! Luke is in Transition Year in Rathgar High School and he gave us some brilliant advice to help us with our new secondary schools! He even got to teach us some lessons in Maths and English with Ms. O Hara and took us in groups! Good luck with 5th Year Luke!

African Art!

We are learning all about the continent of Africa in our Social, Environmental and Scientific Studies (S.E.S.E). Ms. O Hara brought in lots of books to help us to exploe these African lands.
We studied the geography of many different countries in Africa learning about the physical features, the culture, peoples, food and traditions.
In History, we learnt about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. We listened to the famous speeches of Martin Luther King and read his famous speeches.

As we are learning all about the continent of Africa in our Social, Environmental and Scientific Studies (S.E.S.E). Ms. O Hara showed us a photographic display of all her photos when she visited Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. We were fascinated by the Masai tribe and Ms. O Hara researched some more beautiful images on the internet. We also went home and looked up lots more. As part of our Visual Arts class, we looked at and responded to the work of the artists and photographers. We looked at the elements of their drawings and created drawings of our own to interpret them in our own way.

Tree Project Work

We worked really hard on our Tree Day Projects both at home and in school. Ms. O Hara guided us with some information and diagrams about many different trees. We then took our investigations further by going to the library to find lots of interesting books on trees and timbers. We also investigated using the internet and contacting The Tree Counsel of Ireland. All our projects are on display in our classrooms. We all got a special reward for our work on our charts.

Along Came a Spider…!!!

Annette Donovan, Special Needs Assistant, fount this amazing spider and brough it over to our classroom. It was an amazing sight to see!! It was great inspiration for our Science Projects on Spiders!


Every Thursday Ms. O Hara brought us to Ruggakidz the Swan Leisure Centre. We went for four Thursdays learning about positive peer relations and anti-bullying. Louise and Graham taught us some positive affirmations through the game of rugby which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Gárda Visit to Room 17!

Garda Gerry and Garda Brendan came to our class. They spoke to us about keeping safe at Hallowe’en and tips on being careful around bonfires and activities that happen around Hallowe’en. They allowed us to use their equipment and to get into role of a Garda.

Drama: Getting Into Role

DRAMA: Getting into Role
We had such fun dramatising the poem ‘The House with Nobody in it’. We all had the opportunity to take different roles and practice pupil in role. Ms. O Hara also went into role! It was lovely to move around the room and work together in pairs and in groups exploring poetry!