As we come to the end of another wonderful year, you are invited to look back over the blog at all of the wonderful things that went on in St. Louis SPS over the year.

Have a relaxing, fun and safe summer holidays!!!

10 thoughts on “SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!

  1. I’m always crying, I can’t stop thinking about everyone. Only this year have I noticed how amazing out class was. Like Delphi said we’ll definitely be back. I hope Mr. Mooney that you’ll have a great trip.

  2. I want to say thank you to everyone in st louis, even the people who don’t know me, for creating such a fun 5 years for me here in st louis. I miss you all so much but I promise I’ll be in some day to visit. I hope, Mr Mooney, that you have a wonderful holiday! Remember to put on sun cream though! Goodbye, everyone! Have a brilliant few years in St Louis.

  3. Hope everyone’s having a great summer and that summer camp is going great so far and I hope there’s some better weather 4 summer camp 2.Wishing u all the best 4 next year.<3 🙂 Have a great year.

  4. I am really missing you all.. Hows Summer going for everyone??? Mr.Mooney or Mr. Coughlan if your reading could you pleassssssssse put up the pictures of Summer camp…. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the Summer. <3

  5. Another year over and done with, and it’s so sad to think that I won’t be here in September. I’d like to thank all the teachers, pupils and Ms. McCabe for making my stay here so memorable. Have a fantastic summer and best wishes for the new school year to everyone.

  6. I miss you all already. Thanks to everyone for the great 5 years in St. Louis SPS. Hope everyone has a great summer

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