Room 2 – Volcanoes

We have been learning all about volcanoes this week.

We painted volconoes in art class. We learnt about the volcano Popocatépeth which is in Mexico.

We even did a science experiment on volcanic erruptions. We had so much fun.


Room 2 – interactive maths

Room 2 love playing interactive maths games.

They are playing a game to show all the addition tables that they know.


Room 3 – plasticine animals

Room 3 had lots of fun making different animals by using plasticine.

The animals were all different shapes, sizes and colours.

2nd class trip to see The Army Band

Today the Infant School invited us to join them to listen to the Army Band.

We had lots of fun listening to tunes from ‘The Lion King’ and cartoons. We also heard different instruments from the brass and woodwind family of the orchestra.

A fun day was had by all.

Room 2 – timelines

We have been learning all about timelines. We have been busy doing our own timeline.

We had lots of fun discussing all we have done from the time of our births until now.

Finish a Face – Room 9

Room 9 really enjoyed completing the ‘finish a face’ activity.

September Fun!

Room 9 played a game of ‘People Bingo’.

“I thought it was really fun and exciting” – Sinéad, Room 9

“I thought that People Bingo was fun and I enjojoyed asking people questions” – By Daniel, Room 9

Welcome to the new 2nd classes!

We would like to welcome our new second classes to St. Louis Senior Primary School in Room 2 and Room 11.

They have been very busy telling us all about themselves and drawing self portraits.

We hope they will be very happy in St. Louis.