Room 2 – fun with shapes

Room 2 loved learning all about 2-D shapes.

They made their own Mr. and Mrs. Shape!

4th class – special visitor!

The 4th classes had a very interesting visitor to their classrooms last week.

As part of the OWLS programme a hedgehog came to visit Room 3, Room 7 and Room 9.


Room 3 – maths week activities

Room 3 really enjoyed Maths Week. We worked with tangrams and made some great animals and shapes.

We also used maths in our at this week – all of our work on lines and angles was really useful in our spooky ghost picture.

On Friday we did a maths trail in the Millennium Playground.

Maths is fun!

2nd class maths trail

Some of the pupils from Room  2 and Room 11 went on a maths trail around the school to celebreate Maths Week.

Maths is all around us!!

Room 3 – fantastic paintings

Room 3 painted lovely pictures of Autumn trees on National Tree day.

They look really fantastic.

Room 3 – Jersey Day fun

Room 3 were playing out in the Millennium playground having great fun on GOAL jersey day!

Room 2 and Room 11 – trip to the library

Room 2 and Room 11 went on a trip to Rathmines library. The poet Paul Tubb read his poems to the second classes.

We had lots of fun listening to Paul’s poems and songs. We also wrote our own Limericks in groups.

A fun morning was had by all!

Room 2 – percussion instruments

Room 2 had lots of fun playing percussion instruments in music.

They were accompanying the song ‘Wicked Witch’.

They are getting ready for Halloween.

GOAL Jersey Day

On Friday 5th of October St. Louis SPS had Goal Jersey day to raise money for the charity GOAL.

The school raised over €560 for the charity.

Well done everybody!