Room 2 and Room 11 – trip to the library

Room 2 and Room 11 went on a trip to Rathmines library. The poet Paul Tubb read his poems to the second classes.

We had lots of fun listening to Paul’s poems and songs. We also wrote our own Limericks in groups.

A fun morning was had by all!

3 thoughts on “Room 2 and Room 11 – trip to the library

  1. I thought the trip to the library was sooo cool! I enjoyed the songs too. My favourite song was about a worm who wanted to be a rock star. The trip rocked! I enjoyed it so much that I went back to the library with my Mum after school and borrowed one of Paul’s books.

  2. it was sooooooooo fun my favourite song was ‘I give my coat hangers names’ and ‘new shoes’!

  3. We were there, it was fun! He was great at playing the guitar and his poems were deadly. He played a song about a worm being a rock star, it was savage! Peace out 🙂

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