Room 14 – clay art

Room 14 really enjoyed making African clay sculptures using clay.

They look really great.


Room 3 – exploring angles

Room 3 were exploring angles inside their classroom.

They were looking for right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. Everybody found lots of different angles in their classroom environment,

The pupils then used the voting pads to answer questions about angles.

Room 3 using voting pads

Room 3 were using the voting pads in their class.

Each pupil got a voting pad and they could cast their votes on many different questions. Their answers were sent to the whiteboard and then we could check what pupils answered. It was great fun.

Well done Room 3!



Room 6 – The performers!

Room 6 enjoyed some wonderful performances last Friday.

Rachel showed us her piano accordain.

Lara played a piece on the violin called ‘Algy met a bear’

Sarah, Sophie and Sally-Ann brought the room to life with their Irish dancing.

Claudia wowed us with some hip-hop moves.

Sally-Ann put on her best hard shoes and danced a hornpipe.

Abigail showed us a traditional dress from Eritrea, Eastern Africa and a little dance!