Room 2 – preparing for the Tree of coins

Room 2 had lots of fun making their crowns for next Thursdays Tree of Coins which is run by the Parent’s Association.

A big Thank You to Solomon’s mum who provided a huge bag of scrap paper for us to use to construct our crowns.

We are really looking forward to next Thursday!!

Friendship Fortnight Assembly 2012

As Freindship Fortnight 2012 comes to a close, the whole school got together to discuss and remember different ways to be a good friend.

We heard from some boys and girls from Room 2 about how to be a good friend.

Graham and Louise from Ruggakidz came to talk to us about how our words and actions have power.

Graham asked the 5th and 6th classes about what they had learned at their tag rugby lessons.

They judged the Friendship Fortnight poster competition and the winners in each class got a special Friendship Fortnight homework voucher.

Although only some boys and girls posters were chosen as winners, all of the pupils posters were brilliant.

A HUGE thanks you to Ms. Hanrahan for organising all of the Friendship Fortnight activities.

We must remember to always be friends.

Room 6 – Science Week activities

Room 6 were very busy enjoying Science Week. They even got to do some experiments with a real life scientist!

Science is FUN!


Room 15 – using tangrams

Room 15 used lots of tangrams to make different shapes.

They look great!

5th class – Anti bullying workshop

The boys and girls in 5th class were invited to Halla Cullen to take part in an anti bullying workshop.

The boys and girls got to watch a drama about anti bullying and then they all got to take part in some of their own anti bullying dramas and activities.

5th class – trip to meet an author

5th class pupils went into Smock Alley in Dublin to meet author, Judi Curtin.

They had great fun listening to her talk about being a famious author and how she wirtes her books.

The boys and girls got to ask her questions about her books. They were even joined by a dinosaur!!!

Room 16 – Hallowe’en Art

Room 16 were very busy over Hallowe’en creating some spooky art.

They painted spooky tree pictures and also created Frankenstein pictures.

Well done – they look great!

Room 16 – learning about idioms

The boys and girls learned all about idioms.

They sorted them into the correct idioms.


Room 2 – Transparent or Opaque

Room 2 had lots of fun today discovering what materials were transparent or opaque.

A tea towel is transparent. However, chocolate is opaque.

Room 2 – Friendship fortnight activities

Friendship Fortnight has started in St. Louis.

Room 2 have been chatting about being good friends. They also have been talking about bullying.

Here are a few pictures they coloured about this theme.