Room 6 – Science Week activities

Room 6 were very busy enjoying Science Week. They even got to do some experiments with a real life scientist!

Science is FUN!


Room 15 – using tangrams

Room 15 used lots of tangrams to make different shapes.

They look great!

5th class – Anti bullying workshop

The boys and girls in 5th class were invited to Halla Cullen to take part in an anti bullying workshop.

The boys and girls got to watch a drama about anti bullying and then they all got to take part in some of their own anti bullying dramas and activities.

5th class – trip to meet an author

5th class pupils went into Smock Alley in Dublin to meet author, Judi Curtin.

They had great fun listening to her talk about being a famious author and how she wirtes her books.

The boys and girls got to ask her questions about her books. They were even joined by a dinosaur!!!

Room 16 – Hallowe’en Art

Room 16 were very busy over Hallowe’en creating some spooky art.

They painted spooky tree pictures and also created Frankenstein pictures.

Well done – they look great!

Room 16 – learning about idioms

The boys and girls learned all about idioms.

They sorted them into the correct idioms.