Friendship Fortnight Assembly 2012

As Freindship Fortnight 2012 comes to a close, the whole school got together to discuss and remember different ways to be a good friend.

We heard from some boys and girls from Room 2 about how to be a good friend.

Graham and Louise from Ruggakidz came to talk to us about how our words and actions have power.

Graham asked the 5th and 6th classes about what they had learned at their tag rugby lessons.

They judged the Friendship Fortnight poster competition and the winners in each class got a special Friendship Fortnight homework voucher.

Although only some boys and girls posters were chosen as winners, all of the pupils posters were brilliant.

A HUGE thanks you to Ms. Hanrahan for organising all of the Friendship Fortnight activities.

We must remember to always be friends.

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