Room 14 – Using Tangrams

The boys and girls in Room 14 were using tangrams to create different pictures and solve puzzles.

Room 14 – African Powerpoints

Room 14 were learning all about different countries in Africa.

The boys and girls even made powerpoint presentations about their chosen countries!

Room 9 – Science Week experiment

As part of their Science Week activities, Room 9 discovered how to pierce a balloon without popping it!

Room 9 – Christmas cards

Room 9 enjoyed designing and publishing their own Christmas cards.

They look really great!

4th class Science week activities

As part of Science Week all of the 4th classes made mini earth mantles using oil, water, a fizzing tablet and a bottle.

Room 2 – Science Week experiments

This week is Science Week. Room 2 have been very busy scientists.

We have been learning that air is all around us.

We cannot see air but we can see moving things.

When air vibrates it makes noise.

The Army Band visit St. Louis

The boys, girls and teachers were lucky enough to be invited to the hall to see and listen to the Army Band from Cathal Brugha Army Barracks.

We learned all about the different instruments and the different families of instruments – percussion, woodwind and bass.

Everybody learned so much about the different sound that each instrument makes.

They played lots of songs and even some cartoons and moviesĀ that we sang along with!!

Then we had some extra special conductors of the band – some boys and girls from the different classes! It was great fun!

Room 15 – tag rugby

Room 15 were so excited to start tag rugby on Monday the 5th of November.

We learned about the importance of trust and responsibility when playing with others.