Christmas concerts 2012

Lots of clases in St. Louis were preparing songs and learning lines for their big Christmas concert performance.

All of the pupils looked really good in their costumes.

Everybody was great!

St. Vincent De Paul collection 2012

The boys and girls of St. Louis were very busy generously donating food to the St. Vincent De Paul collection.

All of the classrooms were able to donate lots of boxes of food for people that are less fortunate at Christmas.


A special visitor to Room 2!

Ms. Phelan came on a return visit to our school from Australia.

Fortunately for us she had her fiddle with her. She played some reels and jugs for us.

She also explained to us about piano meaning soft and forte meaning loud when playing music.

We had lots of fun listening to her playing Irish music. We thought she was very good at it!


4th class Christmas Concerts

All of the 4th classes were busy learning songs and lines for thier Christmas Concerts.

Everybody looked great in their costumes and all of the songs sounded fantastic.

Room 3 performed a concert about Mary Poppins.

Room 7 performed a concert about Oliver.

Room 9 performed a concert about the┬áhistory of the Christmas Carol ‘Silent Night’.

Well done to all (and well done to the teachers too!!)

Room 3 – Science fun!

Here are some interesting science experiments from Room 3.

Just how strong is 1 sheet of A4 paper??

Try it and find out!

They also had fun with mirrors!

Room 3 – Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Room 3 wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

They’ve done some lovely art work over the past few weeks and have also researched some of our Christmas customs on the internet.


Room 14 – drama activity

Room 14 had great fun learning about World War II.

They all then acted out scenes from a World War 2 air-raid shelter.

Well done everyone.

Christmas cookie fun!

Some boys nd girls in 4th class were busy being very creative with Ms. Neill today.

They were using all different types and colours of icing to decorate some Christmas cookies.


Room 2 – penpal letters

The boys and girls in Room 2 were very excited to receive letters from their penpals in another school.

They read out their letters and they were all very excited to write back to their new friend!

4th class – Cycling Safety course

The 3 forth classes received their certificates last friday for successfully completing their Cycling Safety Training Course.

They all really enjoyed the course.

Many thanks to Don from Dublin City Council for giving the classes.