Easter chicks hatched in St. Louis!!

This week we welcomed 5 new chicks into our school.

We kept an eye on them for 21 days while they were eggs in the incubator. They hatched this week and are healthy and happy.

Well done to Ms. Cunningham for the wonderful idea!!

Room 3 – Electricity experiments

Room 3 were busy making circuits in their class. They used wires, batteries and bulbs to light up the room!

Platform concert 2013

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the St. Louis Platform concert.

This concert gives pupils of St. Louis the opportunity to perform their special talents to a captive audience!

Well done to everyone involved and a special Thank You to Ms. Ryan for all of the organisation.

Room 3 and Room 16 DIT performances

Room 3 and Room 16 were very busy with the DIT music students composing different pieces of music and sound. There were workshops in the classroom and then they performed in the hall

We got to see their performances.

Room 3 – Junior Achievement

Room 3 participated in the Junior Achievement programme ‘Our Nation’.

They learned about types of businesses, how goods are produced and advertising.

On the last day, they had great fun playing a board game which tested their new skills. Maybe some of them will set up their own businesses.

A huge thank you to katie for presenting the programme.

Room 3 have been very busy

Room 3 have been very busy doing a lot of science recently, conducting experiments with sound.

They have also been taking part in a music workshop with D.I.T.

You should hear the wonderful sounds that can be made with glasses.

The girls and boys have been busy composing their own pieces and are looking forward to performing them for the school.