Write a book awards

Lizzy and Keiron from Room 7 were announced as the winners of the Write a Book competition.

They were invited along to an award ceremony on Monday 22nd May in the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, where they both received a beautiful medal and certificate.


Room 7 – wasps nest examination!

The children in Room 7 had a chance to examine a wasp’s nest up close.  Luckily all the wasps were long gone before they did!


Room 7 – OWLS programme

4th Class were learning about insects and amphibians.  Here they are looking at tadpoles and newts.


Room 14 – clay heads

The boys and girls in Room 14 were busy making clay heads.

Their clay heads are all different and took a lot of time and skill to make.

Well done everyone!


Room 14 – music composition

Room 14 composed their own pieces of music. They used different instruments and worked together.

Room 14 – Electric quiz boards

Room 14 were busy constructing electric quiz boards. They made questions and used wires to construct the board.

The chicks come back to visit Room 14!

The baby chicks that were born before Easter came back into school for a visit and they stopped off at Room 14!

They have grown so much.

4th class cricket

4th class children are enjoying learning how to play cricket.

Room 9 – Geologists at work!

The boys and girls in Room 9 explored and identified different rock types.

Room 9 – Dioramas

Room 9 designed and constructed dioramas based on the novel ‘The Sheep Pig’.