A special visitor to Room 2

Aran’s mum came into our class today to tell us all about the wonder of new life.

She brought in Aran’s new baby sister, Saoirse.

We had lots of fun finding out about how to care for small babies.

A big Thank You to Julie and Saoirse for coming into our class.

Santry running trials

All of the pupils had the chance to run their fastest  in running races today in Kenilworth Park.

Everybody had a great day and tried their best.

Thanks Mr. Bermingham for organising it!

Room 11 – Traffic survey

Room 11 were outside the school today and conducting a traffic survey.

They were looking out for all kinds of traffic on the road including cars, lorries, taxis, bicycles and trucks.

Well done everybody!

Room 2 – science activities

Room 2 learned all about floating and sinking in science.

We had lots of fun seeing which objects floated (like our pencil and ruler) and which ones sank (like our erasers and coins)