Blogger of the year 2013

This year there were lots of pupils and parents visiting the school blog. Many pupils left very kind comments about their work and the work of other people in the school.

It was a very difficult decision to make but this year the Blogger of the Year went to Oisín and Lizzy as they were visiting the blog a lot and leaving many comments.

Well done – next year the blogger of the year COULD BE YOU!!!!


Room 15 – 60’s party

The boys and girls in Room 15 were learning about the 1960’s in history.

They decided to finish off the fun-filled year with a groovy 60’s party. The learned 60’s dances and wore 60’s style clothes.

Everyone looked great!

The Easter chicks have returned!

The chicks have returned to our school but now they are fully grown chickens!!

After months of love and care from Naoise and her family, the chicks were happy and healthy running around the Millennium Playground today.

They look great!

End of year assembly 2013

All of the pupils and teachers went to Halla Cullen for the end of year assembly on Wednesday.

We heard from Ms. Mc Cabe and lots of other pupils about all of the wonderful achievements from throughout the year.

Some people got certificates for attendance and kindness. Then we watched a slideshow of some memories from the year.

Well done everyone on another successful year in St. Louis!

2nd class school tour

Second class went on their tour today. We went to Go Kids Go.

We had lots of fun running, playing and working with clay.

A big thank you to Helen, Annette, Ms. Geary and Ms. Hanrahan for such a fun day!

6th class graduation 2013

On Tuesday the 25th of June, the current 6th class pupils graduated primary school. They will now move on to secondary school.

They had a lovely ceremony full of stories, songs and prayers.

There were lots of friends and parents there too. Everyone got a certificate of graduation and there were lots more certificates handed out too for attendance and kindness.

Well done to all the graduates and best of luck with everything that comes your way in the future!

Active Week 2013 – Day #5

On day #5 we were in the yard practicing lots of different skipping techniques.

We worked really hard to get better at skipping – it was hard work though!

Well done everybody on a brilliant ACTIVE WEEK 2013!!!

Active Week 2013 – Day #4

Sports Day was on day #4 of Active Week.

All of the pupils and teachers went to Kenilworth field and took part in obstacle courses, sprints, egg and spoon races, three-legged races and relays.

It was a great day for everyone.

Active Week 2013 – Day #3

Day 3 of Active Week involved all of the pupils taking part in dodgeball activities (with Ms. Neill) or basketball activities (with Richard).

Everybody tried their hardest and played the games really well.

Well done!