Freindship Fortnight assembly 2013

As friendship Fortnight draws to a close in St. Louis, we all came together as a school and recapped all of the things we learned. This will help us to be better friends.

We also announced the winners of the poster competition in the school.

Garda Gerry came in with some residents of St. Anthony’s Retirement Home and they were presented with a cheque for €300 from the school after all of our fundraising.

It was a great assembly and fortnight. Thanks to Ms. Hanrahan for all of the organisation.


2-D shapes with Room 15

The tangram was invented by the Chinese many years ago.

It is a puzzle made up of seven pieces of a square.

We really enjoyed using the pieces to create different shapes and pictures.

Raffle time!

All the boys and girls were very excited for the monster raffle in the school in aid if the Filipino disaster.

Here are some of the lucky winners.

Anti – bullying workshop for 5th and 6th classes

An anti- bullying group came into the school to talk to the pupils in 5th and 6th classes.

Cake sale in St. Louis

There was a cake sale organised in the school to raise money for the Filipino disaster.

Everyone had great fun and enjoyed the delicious treats!

Room 2 – 2-D shapes

Room 2 have been learning about 2-D shapes. They went for a 2-D shape hunt to search for shapes in their environment.

We had lots of fun. Afterwards we made Mr. and Mrs. Shape.

Friendship Fortnight 2013

Friendship Fortnight is running in the school for the next two weeks.

There was a lovely assembly to launch Friendship Fortnight by second class.

They told us all about ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and why it is important to share.

We are looking forward to lots of activities for Friendship Fortnight.

Room 2 – Science Week activities

Room 2 had lots of fun with balloons for science week.

They learned all about air. Air is all around us.

Shaking air makes sound. Science week was fun.


Hobnob comes to visit Room 7

As part of the OWLs programme, Mouse brought in a hedgehog called Hobnob.  Unfortunately Hobnob has poor sight and can’t be released back into the wild just yet.

We also had to hide peanuts around the yard in safe places so that they will be still there in December.

Let’s hope no little hungry squirrels find them!

First Aid in Room 7!

For show and tell this week in Room 7, Megan showed us some of the First Aid she has been learning over the past few months.

Sarah acted as a good patient!