Room 7 – cycle safety course

Fourth class are learning cycling and road safety.

Today we learned how to safely take a left-hand turn.

Room 7 – Science Week activities

For Science Week, we did some investigating about acids and bases.

Room 3 – special visitor

The boys and girls in Room 3 as they got a special visit from ‘Mouse’ and his hedgehog ‘Hobnob’.

It was great to see a real hedgehog up close – and even get to hold it!

Room 3 – Science Week activities

This week Room 3 learned about acids and bases.

Science Week activities in Room 6

The boys and girls in Room 6 are really enjoying science week.

They discovered that when you mix bread soda and vinegar a chemical reaction takes place.

Take a look at their exploding volcanoes!!

Room 14 – tag rugby

The boys and girls are lucky enough to take part in Ruggakids tag rugby.

They learn about tag rugby as well as learning about working together and teamwork.

Room 14 – amazing art

Room 14 were very busy this term doing many different styles of art.

They look great!


Room 14 dramatics!

The boys and girls were being very dramatic recently! They got to perform in front of an audience.

Well done!


Room 10 get a special visitor!

Jim from Dublin Zoo came to visit 3rd classes yesterday. He taught us a lot about the zoo and all of the animals that live there.

He brought animal skins, snake skins, an ostrich egg and even an elephant’s foot.

It was so much fun!!