Measuring forces in Room 7

Room 7 were using Newton meters to measure different forces.  We learned that the Newton meter tells you how much pull force it takes to make something move. 

We measured the pull force of our shoes, rulers, school bags and other equipment around the classroom.

Room 2’s little beings

Room 2 had lots of fun making their little beings.

They have been learning that we are all individuals but being together is always lots of fun!

Room 2 – sound

We have been learning all about sound.

We did an experiment to show that empty containers make more noise than full one. Empty bottles and cups make high noises.

Sound experiments

Room 15 have been learning about sound in science.

We completed experiments to help us learn more about sound.


Sound Stations

My favourite experiment was the string telephones. We got 2 cups with a string in the middle. One person speaks in one cup and the second person listens through the other cup. The second person won’t hear the first if the string isn’t taut. I liked this experiment because it worked really well and was very fun to play with.

Colm, Room 15

In one experiment, we put a balloon between us. 1 person puts the balloon to their ear, while the other person puts their mouth to it and talks. You can feel a vibration because sound travels in waves.

Max, Room 15

Maths in Room 15

In Room 15 we have enjoyed using the Interactive Whiteboard to help us learn about decimals.


Fun with Fabric!

Room 15 used fabric to create a bedroom scene.

They turned out great.

Room 7 – Birdwatching with OWLS

On the 8th of January, 4th class went bird watching with OWLs in Ranelagh Gardens.  Wehen we went in ‘Mouse’ told us to get into partners.  Then he gave us a sheet with lots of different types of birds on it.  This helped us recognise the various birds in the park.  We saw Mallards, Swans, Marine Hens, Pigeons and Starlings.

Room 7 had lots of fun birdwatching!

St. Louis Choir – Peace Proms rehersal

On the 9th of January the choir went to a rehearsal for the Peace Proms.  It took place in D.C.U.

The choir got a bus to the venue and then sat down to have a little snack before beginning the rehearsal.  When the hall was full of children from the other schools we began to practice the songs and dances we had learned.  There were a lot of people there and it sounded great!

St. Louis School Choir will be taking part in the Peace Proms on Saturday 1st of February in Citywest.


On the 10th January, our class went to the RDS for the Young Scientist Exhibition to check out the impressive Science projects and demonstrations.
First we went to the World of Robots show, where robots fought each other. There were lots of robots like R2D2, a Dalek from Dr.Who and a Creeper from Minecraft.
After that we went to the Super Cool Science Show where they were putting plasticine into liquid nitrogen. The plasticine became rock hard and then they smashed it into bits. They put a banana in it next and they used it as a hammer on a nail (it worked!). Finally, they mixed cocoa powder, cream and the liquid nitrogen to make ice cream.   
Next we went to the 3D Space Show where we learned all about space, satellites, planets and stuff like that. We learnt that the sun isn’t the biggest star in the galaxy – it’s actually the one of the SMALLEST!
We then looked around and saw a place called M.O.D.U.L.E. where they had 3D printers and 3D Wood Carvers that were designed by computers and then made layer by layer.
We saw many projects about the environment, healthy eating and other science & biology things. They were all very clever and we enjoyed looking at every schools’ projects.
We all had a great time and these are some pictures from our day.
By Lizzy and Andrew J