Interview with an Author: John Boyne

The students in Rooms 4, 14 and 17 were incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to meet and greet John Boyne; author of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. We had just finished a unit of study on the novel and were very excited to ask him questions about the book, the Writing Process and the adaptation of the book to the film.

It was very inspiring to hear him talk about following his dreams and becoming such a successful author. He also gave us some fascinating insights into the creation of his characters in the novel and even revealed his favourite part of the book itself.


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Room 7 – Write a book

Room 7 took part in the Write a Book Project.  We wrote our very own books.  We also did the title page, the dedication, the author’s page and lots of illustrations.  It was great fun!

Here you can see Room 7 with their completed books.

By Mei Mei Liu

Room 7 – Stig of the Dump

Room 7 read a book called Stig of the Dump.   Stig was a caveman.   He liked to use broken things for his cave.  He made a chimney out of tin cans and he used glass jars to make a window.  His cave was a mess.  

On Friday we made our own Stig caves.  We brought in boxes and we painted them.  We used fabric, card, paper, matchsticks, lollypop sticks and paint.  We made Stig’s cave very messy. They looked very cool.  We had lots of fun making them.  

By Megan Mitchell

Room 16 – Scratch computer programmes

Our class were doing Scratch projects in the computer room. We made adding, take away, multiplying and dividing quizzes. It was difficult to make them but luckily we managed. We hope you enjoy our Scratch projects! By Sasha and Russel
Rosebell, Lizzy & Minara – Multiply:
Andrew, Kyle & Youssef – Division:
Russel, Keiron & Talha – Division:
Sasha, Sofia & Emma – Adding:
Eoin & Adam (EA Sports) – Adding:
Tionei & Janine – Adding:
Conor, Fred & ZhiZheng – Take Away:
Vahdet, Darragh & David – Take Away:
Clara & Akhi – Multiply:
Division By Natalia & Rory:
Sarah & Kamila – Multiplying:
Nazish & Roisin – Multiply Tables:

Peace Proms 2014

On Saturday we went to the Peace Proms with the choir.   At 4:30pm everybody met at Louis’ Lane and got on the bus.  It took about twenty-five minutes to get to City West.

The Peace Proms was in a very fancy hotel.  We had lunch when we got there and some treats.  At half six we did a rehearsal.  There were about 3000 children from all different schools in the choir. 

At 8 o’clock we performed in front of a massive audience which included our parents.  The concert finished at 10 o’clock.

Ms. Eaton accepted an award on the choirs’ behalf.  We were all very happy.  We got back to Rathmines around 11:30pm.  It was the best night ever!

By Sally-Ann Desprez