Room 7 – Write a book

Room 7 took part in the Write a Book Project.  We wrote our very own books.  We also did the title page, the dedication, the author’s page and lots of illustrations.  It was great fun!

Here you can see Room 7 with their completed books.

By Mei Mei Liu

Room 7 – Stig of the Dump

Room 7 read a book called Stig of the Dump.   Stig was a caveman.   He liked to use broken things for his cave.  He made a chimney out of tin cans and he used glass jars to make a window.  His cave was a mess.  

On Friday we made our own Stig caves.  We brought in boxes and we painted them.  We used fabric, card, paper, matchsticks, lollypop sticks and paint.  We made Stig’s cave very messy. They looked very cool.  We had lots of fun making them.  

By Megan Mitchell