Interview with an Author: John Boyne

The students in Rooms 4, 14 and 17 were incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to meet and greet John Boyne; author of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. We had just finished a unit of study on the novel and were very excited to ask him questions about the book, the Writing Process and the adaptation of the book to the film.

It was very inspiring to hear him talk about following his dreams and becoming such a successful author. He also gave us some fascinating insights into the creation of his characters in the novel and even revealed his favourite part of the book itself.


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18 thoughts on “Interview with an Author: John Boyne

  1. It was fantastically awesome to meet the author and I loved the book and the way we studied it. Thanks Mr Mooney and Ms Neill.MORE BOOKS!!!!

  2. it was very nice to meet him,interesting and he signed some of our book covers that we designed in school. ;]

  3. John Boyne is a really good author. He taught us about his style of writing and who and how Bruno is related to him. I enjoyed it. We got autographs and learnt more about other characters in the book. I really enjoyed it and it was REALLY FUN!!!!

  4. It was really good to have John Boyne come in to our school. I want to thank Rory’s dad for making him come to our school.


  5. ha ha! It was a good experience to meet such a famous author.
    The book was fantastic; you should read! It is sad and exciting at the same time x

  6. Unfortunately I was out the day John Boyne came into us but I heard a lot of great things.It sounded so interesting.I wish I could have been there because I found the book so interesting.

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