Room 7 – OWLS trip

Room 7 went to Harolds Cross Park with Mouse as part of the OWLs Programme.  On the walk to the park we looked for signs of spring.  We counted many different types of trees on Leinster Road and spotted lots of different bird’s nests.

In the park we learned about animals waking up from hibernation and their search for food following their long sleep.  We then had to built nests that could hold an egg safely even when it was shook.

It was a really fun and interesting way to learn about plants and animals in springtime.

Santry trials in Kenilworth Park

All of the boys and girls went to Kenilworth Park to run races. There were lots of short running races and a long race too.

It was a great day and thanks to Mr. Bermingham for organising it all!

Practicing the high jump in St. Louis

Lots of boys and girls went to Halla Cullen today to practice their high jump skills.

Mr. Bermingham and Mr. Coghlan were showing the pupils how to jump higher.

Well done everyone!

Room 2 – Mother’s Day Art

Room 2 had lots of fun making flowers for their mums for Mother’s Day.

The petals all had kind words to tell mum how much they loved them.

Music from the St. Louis Orchestra

All of the pupils and teachers were treated to some fantastic music by the St. Louis Orchestra. We saw lots of different instruments playing together.

They are all very talented musicians. Well done to all involved!


Seachtain na Gaeilge ceolcoirm 2014

All of the pupils and teachers came to Halla Cullen for the annual ceoilcoirm to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge and St. Partick’s Day.

All of the boys and girls were working hard to prepare different poems, songs, dances and dramas as Gaeilge.

It was a great day and thanks to Mr. Mooney for all of his hard work.

Fourth Class OWLs Programme

The fourth classes went ‘pond-dipping’ with Mouse in Ranelagh Gardens.   We used nets to discover what small creatures lived under the surface of the water.  We found lots of tiny insects and used a key to discover their names.  It was a messy but enjoyable job!

Room 7 visit Dubray books

Today was really fun!  We went to Dubray Books and got some cool books using our World Book Day vouchers.  We also met the author of The Demon Notebook and The Broken Spell, Erika McGann.  She read us a bit of both her books and told us how she wrote them.  She told us how she came up with the characters, and how she developed the storyline and plot.  It was really interesting.  A lot of children bought her books and when we got back to school we got a chance to read some of our new books.  We had a great trip to the book shop!

By Alexandru and Rachel

Room 7 – Dissolving Boundaries Video conferencing

The children in Room 7 are taking part in a wonderful project called Dissolving Boundaries, where we are working collaboratively with a school in County Down, Cedar Integrated Primary School.   To celebrate World Book Day we had a video conference with the children in Cedar Integrated P.S.  We reviewed our favourite books and our class novel ‘Stig of the Dump’.  We also told them about the Write a Book competition where everyone in our class became an author and wrote their own books.  The children in Cedar Integrated Primary told us about how they were celebrating World Book Day.  They were dressed as their favourite book characters and we tried to guess who they were.  It was a really fun experience and we will be video conferencing them this week also to talk about ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ and St. Patricks Day.