Room 7 visit Dubray books

Today was really fun!  We went to Dubray Books and got some cool books using our World Book Day vouchers.  We also met the author of The Demon Notebook and The Broken Spell, Erika McGann.  She read us a bit of both her books and told us how she wrote them.  She told us how she came up with the characters, and how she developed the storyline and plot.  It was really interesting.  A lot of children bought her books and when we got back to school we got a chance to read some of our new books.  We had a great trip to the book shop!

By Alexandru and Rachel

4 thoughts on “Room 7 visit Dubray books

  1. I Went to Dubray books,it was fantastic. We also met a famous author,her name is Erika McGann I bought two of her books,The Demon Notebook and The Broken Spell.

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