Room 15 – Hockey fun!

Room 15 are really enjoying playing hockey during P.E classes.

We have been improving our hockey skills with drills and games.

4th class trip to the zoo

On Friday, it was our school tour. We took the bus and went to Dublin Zoo. We had to put on sun cream because it was very sunny! We got a tour around the zoo. We went to the African Plains.

First we saw monkeys, we learned that spider monkeys had special tails. Then we saw the waldrapp ibis. It had an ugly face but a beautiful body. The waldrapp ibis is very endangered.

Then we saw red panda’s , a male and a female. Two of them had babies but they weren’t there because they were sent to another zoo.

Then we saw penguins. They were special penguins. These penguins live in warm places. There were loads more animals. There were elephants, rhinos, gorillas, snakes, tigers, lions, sea lions, flamingos, hippopotamus’, snow leopards, tortoises, okapis, iguanas, wolves and loads more. The youngest animal in the zoo was the giraffe. We went to see more animals.

Then we played in the new playground, Play Forest. We had so much fun. Then we went back to school.

By Ciara Baui, Room 9.


Room 7 – Imagine Dublin 2030 art competition

Room 7 visited the ‘Imagine Dublin 2030’ Art competition exhibition in the Rathmines Library on Friday.  We saw some of our art competition entries on display there.

Dissolving Boundaries Face-to-Face in Newry

On the 15th of May Room 7 and Room 16 went to Co. Down. The reason we went is because we were doing Dissolving Boundaries. Dissolving Boundaries is a website to chat, learn and to make friends with children from Northern Ireland.

We travelled by bus and went through Co. Meath and Co. Louth.  Then we crossed the border and finally got to Co. Down.  There we went to a place called Newry Fun House (it’s a lot like SPROI). We went inside and took off our shoes and ran to have some fun. We played for an hour and then ate some food.

After we went back to play. There was musical status, penalty shoot out and dodge ball.  Abigail and Claudia won the musical statues.

After all the fun we had to say goodbye to our friends from Northern Ireland and we hopped on the bus and were off.  We had a really, really fun time and we hope we do it again.

By Abigail

Planting sunflowers

Some boys and girls have been growing sunflowers. They got to plant their sunflowers in the yard this week.

We can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Room 4 – visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Room 4 visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a tour of the medieval building built 800 years ago. We did workshops on calligraphy, arch building, the walls of the Pale and brass rubbings.

It was a really interesting and interactive tour. There were lots of interesting and creepy stories too!!

4th class trip to the Mansion House!

Our Trip to the Mansion House

Last November, the 4th classes participated in the Lord Mayor’s “Imagine Dublin in 2030” project.

On the 6th of May we went to the Lord Mayor’s House, in Dawson Street. We set off from approximately 10:00 and arrived at the Mansion House 40 minutes later. We went in and we met the Lord Mayor, Oisín Quinn, in the Oak Room. He was wearing his Chain of Office.  He spoke to us about all our ideas for Dublin in 2030. He also told us about some of the previous Lord Mayors. They all had a family crest and the oldest was Daniel O’ Connell’s one – he was Lord Mayor from 1841-1842.

Then we went outside to the garden so that the official photographers could take some photos of us with our paintings. Then it was time to bury the “Time Capsule”. The Lord Mayor put digital images onto a memory stick and put it in the “time capsule” and buried it carefully in the garden to be opened by the lord mayor in 2030.

 Perhaps I’ll be Lord Mayor at that time!

Gerry, Room 3


The Mansion House

On the 7th of May all of the 4th classes went to the Mansion House to see the burial of the ‘Imagine Dublin-2030 time capsule’.  In December 2013 we entered a competition where we had to imagine Dublin in 2030 and write a poem, story or draw a picture.

When we got to the Mansion House we looked at all the drawings, poems and stories that the children drew.  After looking at these we went outside for the burial of the time capsule.  Some children were very lucky because they got to help with the burial of the time capsule.   In the time capsule there was a USB stick with all the entries.

After we buried it we went inside and had refreshments and some treats.  We had a great time.

By Lili Fekete Room 7


The Mansion House

Last Wednesday all the fourth classes went to the Mansion house. It was great fun! First, we went into the oak room, and saw everyone’s pictures. They were brilliant! Oisin Quinn, the mayor, told us what people were doing to make the future better. We were there because of the imagine Dublin 2030 contest. Schools in Dublin drew a picture, wrote a short story, or made a poem about Dublin in 2030. It was also cool because we were in a room where Nelson Mandela once stood! Then we went outside to take pictures of our pictures (say that 10 times non-stop!). We saw the Mayor bury the time capsule with our pictures on a USB device in the ground. Then we went inside for refreshments. We also got pencils and postcards! Then we went to the playground for a treat. We had loads of fun! It was an amazing day!


By Rachel Murphy, Room 9.


Maths time in Room 3!

The boys and girls in Room 3 were investigating maths problems.

They were discussing how big is a squared metre.

They were also finding out about the weight of different objects.

Room 3 – Adventures with ‘Mouse’

Room 3 took a trip with ‘Mouse’ to Ranelagh Gardens.

They were very busy examining stream life.

Write a Book Winner Announced

Room 7 were involved in the Write a Book project this year.  Larissa was announced winner and received a certificate and medal at a big event in the Fitzpatrick Hotel.

Daniel, Alex and Cathy’s books were ‘Highly Commended’ by the judging teacher.  The whole class received certificates for their outstanding effort.  It was a very rewarding project.