Write a Book Winner Announced

Room 7 were involved in the Write a Book project this year.  Larissa was announced winner and received a certificate and medal at a big event in the Fitzpatrick Hotel.

Daniel, Alex and Cathy’s books were ‘Highly Commended’ by the judging teacher.  The whole class received certificates for their outstanding effort.  It was a very rewarding project.

Sheena Wilkinson visits the 4th Classes

On Monday the 28th April, at one o’ clock, a famous author Sheena Wilkinson came to visit the 4th classes in St. Louis S.P.S.  It was really fun.

Sheena Wilkinson brought in three of her books; one of the books was called ‘Too Many Ponies’ and she wrote that one for our age group.  We are currently reading ‘Too Many Ponies’ in our class.  At the moment we are on chapter seven.

Sheena Wilkinson talked to us about the importance of reading and the challenges faced when writing a book. She read us some of her writing from when she was our age and she also read us some of her published book ‘Too Many Ponies’.  It was really interesting.

By Caitlín Mooney



Room 7 – Easter buns

As a special treat before the Easter holidays Sally-Ann’s Mum, Mary, came into Room 7 to decorate buns with the class.  She brought the biggest selection of toppings including pink icing and a tasty Galaxy chocolate ganache.

Mary showed us how to use a piping bag and how to decorate our buns with fruit, mini eggs, sprinkles and lots, lots more.

It was a very enjoyable morning!