Room 4 – visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Room 4 visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a tour of the medieval building built 800 years ago. We did workshops on calligraphy, arch building, the walls of the Pale and brass rubbings.

It was a really interesting and interactive tour. There were lots of interesting and creepy stories too!!

4 thoughts on “Room 4 – visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  1. Great day out with friends. It was great to learn about the history behind the church. Over all a good day 👌

  2. busi it was so fun and so interesting loved the one with the cannon ball ah so funny x’D great day out and it was also fun that after we got to go to the park !!!! what a day thanks mr mooney and mrs neill and the people in the church for an awesome day !!

  3. it was really interesting to know how many people are buried under the floorboards,other than that great day.

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