4th class trip to the zoo

On Friday, it was our school tour. We took the bus and went to Dublin Zoo. We had to put on sun cream because it was very sunny! We got a tour around the zoo. We went to the African Plains.

First we saw monkeys, we learned that spider monkeys had special tails. Then we saw the waldrapp ibis. It had an ugly face but a beautiful body. The waldrapp ibis is very endangered.

Then we saw red panda’s , a male and a female. Two of them had babies but they weren’t there because they were sent to another zoo.

Then we saw penguins. They were special penguins. These penguins live in warm places. There were loads more animals. There were elephants, rhinos, gorillas, snakes, tigers, lions, sea lions, flamingos, hippopotamus’, snow leopards, tortoises, okapis, iguanas, wolves and loads more. The youngest animal in the zoo was the giraffe. We went to see more animals.

Then we played in the new playground, Play Forest. We had so much fun. Then we went back to school.

By Ciara Baui, Room 9.


6 thoughts on “4th class trip to the zoo

  1. Maybe if its nighttime and I sneak inside the zoo and sneak in the red pandas cage and take it home the cuddle it all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the baby giraffe and the red pandas!!!!!!they were so cute !!!!!!!!!! I love the zoo!!!!!!

  3. That was so fun i loved the tigers and the cutest thing ever is the RED PANDAS!!!O wish the zoo was a pet zoo and you can buy all the pets you can have that would mYbe AWSOME!Awww i really want to cuddle the red pandas!!!

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