Dissolving Boundaries Face-to-Face in Newry

On the 15th of May Room 7 and Room 16 went to Co. Down. The reason we went is because we were doing Dissolving Boundaries. Dissolving Boundaries is a website to chat, learn and to make friends with children from Northern Ireland.

We travelled by bus and went through Co. Meath and Co. Louth.  Then we crossed the border and finally got to Co. Down.  There we went to a place called Newry Fun House (it’s a lot like SPROI). We went inside and took off our shoes and ran to have some fun. We played for an hour and then ate some food.

After we went back to play. There was musical status, penalty shoot out and dodge ball.  Abigail and Claudia won the musical statues.

After all the fun we had to say goodbye to our friends from Northern Ireland and we hopped on the bus and were off.  We had a really, really fun time and we hope we do it again.

By Abigail

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